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Journeys in STEAM and some cool tips

This summer I got to spend some time interning with the Aspire Artemis Foundation and one of the topics that they wanted me to write about was my journey in STEAM. Learn how slime turned out to STEAM via an ecommerce site that was very easy to setup using tools and some research. Read about it at:

During my internship at Aspire Artemis Foundation, I learned about QR codes and creating a mobile application.


This is the code that is usually on a paper marketing material. A QR-code is a picture that people can scan using their phone camera and have it open up a specific website or link. I learned how to create one to point to ladyship and the AAF website. Look up QR-code generator. You can include that in handouts and business cards. I put that in the inspirational letters that AAF used for their symposia. AAF QR code and AAF visit Us QR code images. You can point your phone and see how it works - below is the QR code to take you to our podcast page:


I was researching the best way to create an app and here is a neat idea - if you have a website! Look up

Here is something I created for Ladyship

Instead of maintaining an app and a website, it is possible to embed the website in the app. So you can create an app that opens the website inside it and if there are users/login, that works too. I tried it with Ladyship forum and it worked like a charm. The cost of Google Android App is cheaper than if we need an app for Google Play store and iOS. For example, the cost for iOS and Android is $100 for the app per momth. Below are the details of pricing. You will need to get a graphic designer to create an icon on how your app will look on the phone.

Cost: $100 per app per month ($1200 per year which is quite expensive! Maybe I can get some of my friends to help out for Ladyship!!)

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