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What are we doing?

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that is shaking the nation and almost every single person has been affected

in some way by this tragedy. Whether it be quarantine, changes in employment, or even losing a loved one, the effects

of the virus are inescapable. While Ladyship is an organization devoted to empowering women, we are stepping

out to do our part in contributing to the COVID-19 effort. By partnering with another nonprofit, Swaravedika,

Ladyship is taking donations to provide support locally and internationally to those effected by coronavirus. 

What can you do?

You can donate to support this cause using any of the buttons below. As an individual you have options to donate

to any one of the causes listed in the options below. Donating towards PPE Kits will result in PPE Kits being sent to hospitals in India in order to help hospital workers who are running out of supplies. Donating to the Laborers will send  money to provide meals for workers in India and their families who have lost jobs due to the virus. If you want to help  within the United States, you can donate towards the New Jersey Urgent cares in order to provide resources to better conditions for doctors and patients. Lastly, you can donate money towards making masks or you can make masks at home and send them to Ladyship headquarters where we will be sending them to American hospitals to keep frontline workers safe in their workplace 

PPE Kits

Donate towards hospitals in India to help provide $10 PPE Kits. Every $10 you donate will go towards providing maks, gloves, boot covers and gowns for hospital workers in India. Specify in the PayPal comments which cause you are donating towards.

NJ Urgent Cares

For local donations within the United States, Ladyship is collecting money for Urgent Cares in New Jersey that need funding for PPE kits to assist their doctors, techs, nurses, admins and patients. Specify in the PayPal comments which cause you are donating towards.

Help Laborers

Many workers in India that get paid a daily wage have been losing their jobs due to the intense quarantine situation. By donating here, you can provide them and their families with meals. Specify in the PayPal comments which cause you are donating towards.


Masks are running out very fast in the US and many frontline workers need them to stay safe. Help by donating money towards masks or making them on your own and mailing to the headquarters! If you made masks, contact us at so we can arrange pickup. Specify in the PayPal comments which cause you are donating towards. 

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