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India Covid-19 Wave 2 Efforts

Covid-19 pandemic has been raging havoc in India and there is shortage of Oxygen for Covid-19 hit patients. There is also a need to raise awareness about wearing masks with the frontline worker communities. Finally, there is a need to send as many oxygen concentrators to patients affected by Covid-19 in India. This fundraiser is to raise funds to help with the above needs. The projects that we are helping with are as described below. Please donate generously. Thank you to Ladyship Inc for providing this platform to raise funds and to the organizations below to help with efforts on the ground.

I am also selling bullet journal pages for those who like to journal. Please consider buying those at the site below (100% of proceeds will be donated towards the fundraisers below)

Generic Bullet Journal templates | Snazzy Sellables

Fall-Themed Bullet Journal Collection | Snazzy Sellables



About Campaign

About Campaign

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