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Global Gender Dialogues - continued

The Dais is a collective vision of a closely knit team to work with the youth, communities & institutions for improving their lives and enabling them to do the same for others.

The Gender Dialogues is a series of 90 minute discussions on the various sub-topics of gender equality. Gender equality is an umbrella term that covers a range of issues, including equal access to education, gender norms among other issues. The primary goal of these dialogues is to promote awareness of issues related to gender equality and inspire participants to join our fight for equality. There will be 6 dialogues starting from August 10, 2020 about different aspects of gender equality. Each sub-dialogue will be held once every 7 days.

This past weekend, I got to moderate a panel of inspirational women around women in the workforce. Global Gender Dialogues on Women in Work-force:

Be sure to listen to other panel that are ongoing in this series at

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