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Some of the common trends that inhibit women from taking on leadership positions need to be analyzed. The best way to do this is by speaking to women who have beat the odds to be where they are in the current workforce. The nonprofit will raise awareness of the trends by publishing personal stories of women who have made it in different fields. Women have always been a creative species and find creative ways to curb societal norms and still make it all work. The compilation of the stories will be made available to Inspire the next generation to learn from the ways of their tribe. Be our guest

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Ladyship aspires to become a community of the next generation entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers – carrying forward the legacy of the fearless women who treaded this path before all this awareness was raised. As such, we will start with a monthly podcast called “InspireHer”, where successful women in various fields like business, medicine, STEAM, law, government, education etc will talk about their experiences and impart wisdom to the new generation. They help us change the furture of the workforce - using broad brush strokes to impart their wisdom!

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Ladyship plans to create an organic mentoring platform where women with ideas can seek advice. The platform will be a community of women and organizations, helping younger women to realize their fullest potential and empowering them to achieve their dreams. You will have access to a list of organizations and leaders in various fields where young women in different fields can go to for advice and mentorship. Please join our forum and ask your questions so we can have our leaders guide you!

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We would love to hear your story, have you on our InspireHER series or collaborate with you to change the workforce - one woman at a time! Please send us a note so we can get in touch with you!

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Our Mission

Here at Ladyship, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little inspiration. We are determined to make an impact on the new generation of women entering the workforce. The core of our efforts is to inspire younger women and empower them with the wisdom of the thousands of leaders who have taken the less trodden paths. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

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